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"Behold, how good and  how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!"
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Sabbath To be kept Forever
An Article on New Moons
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happyfac.jpg (790 bytes)LESSON 1    Why   study the Bible in the Internet Age?     
happyfac.jpeg (464 bytes)LESSON 2    The Warning Message          
happyfac.jpeg (464 bytes)LESSON 3     The Promise that Jesus Christ Will Return
happyfac.jpeg (464 bytes)LESSON 4     The Wonderful World Ahead
happyfac.jpeg (464 bytes)LESSON 5      Just what is Man?   Immortal?
happyfac.jpeg (464 bytes)LESSON 6    What is Hell...Really?    Lessons about Hell
happyfac.jpeg (464 bytes)LESSON 7     Will you go to Heaven?   Will Anyone?
happyfac.jpeg (464 bytes)LESSON 8     What does it mean to Be Born Again?   updatedm.gif (1754 bytes)
happyfac.jpg (790 bytes)LESSON 9     What is Real Repentance?     star.gif (127 bytes)    Go to a Booklets Page
happyfac.jpeg (464 bytes)LESSON 10   Should You be Baptized?               star.gif (127 bytes)  
happyfac.jpeg (464 bytes)LESSON 11   Why do you need the Holy Spirit?       star.gif (127 bytes)
happyfac.jpeg (464 bytes)LESSON 12    Christianity is a way of life.
happyfac.jpeg (464 bytes)LESSON 13    Who & What is God?
happyfac.jpeg (464 bytes)LESSON 14     Angels.   What are angels? Do they have a job?
happyfac.jpeg (464 bytes)LESSON 15   Why is Man Different from Any other living Creature?                  
happyfac.jpeg (464 bytes)LESSON 16    Why does

the Bible talk about Israel so much? Chosen People?

happyfac.jpeg (464 bytes)LESSON 17   
happyfac.jpeg (464 bytes)LESSON 18    Do you know what the true Gospel Is?  
happyfac.jpeg (464 bytes)LESSON 19     What and Why the Church of God?         
happyfac.jpeg (464 bytes)LESSON 20      A training for Rulership
happyfac.jpeg (464 bytes)LESSON 21      Is this the only day of  Salvation?
happyfac.jpeg (464 bytes)LESSON 22    What Is God’s Purpose for Mankind?      
happyfac.jpeg (464 bytes)LESSON 23     
Why Christians Should Keep GOD’S HOLY DAYS
happyfac.jpeg (464 bytes)LESSON 24     The Truth About God's Holy Sabbath        

AC CC Old Lessons

The Second Commandment      5/16/98
Click Here for  Another article on the 2nd Commandment
The 4th Commandment Bible Study

Is Obedience to the
Law Required for Salvation

Thanks Lloyd

Lawlessness:  A rebuttal to this worlds thinking.

Alphabet Writing (Carl McNair)   Sermon  
Restoring the Lost Art of Confession     
A Passover Ceremony for you to use.
Passover Hall Preparation
A Passover Ceremony
Instructions on how to present the Passover

Instructions  in keeping the Passover Ceremony
Recipe for Making Passover Bread

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Is Obedience to the law
required for salvation?

A Passover Ceremony




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